Below are UI design I made for a rhythm game Lyrica. (陽春白雪)

Lyrica is a combination of classic Chinese poetry with a rhythm game. We applied classic literature to our art, music, gameplay, and story, which allows players to experience the beauty of oriental culture while playing our game.

Lyrica has won IMGA (International Mobile game award) SEA for Best Meaningful Play 2017. Read more about this game through the interview we did with IMGA.

Planet Defender VR shooting game

2D concept design (Image usage rights belong to Fevolution Inc)

Available on Steam 

Game demo (Made by Fevolution Inc)

Tower Defense game concept

( usage rights belong to Fevolution Inc)


Above image is a character design I did for Crazymike. The Raccoon and BG (the bird) sticker was released on Line App on April 30, 2015. Images below are pencil and color sketches I did for Crazymike.

Crazymike's official website: